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A new concept - Bookkeeping Services aimed at new start ups as well as the established business.
Ray Stannard
Tel/Fax 01708 370838
Mobile 07768 903258
Here are a few questions to ask yourself.
  • Do you have enough hours in the day?
  • If you do not, what gets left over?  I bet the paperwork is one of them!!
  • Have you got your priorities right in running your business?
  • Are you worried that you are not compiling your books correctly?
  • Are you forgetting to include things?
  • Are you actually keeping records??
  • Do you think that your business is costing more than it should?
  • Do you want someone to help you to understand better how your business is doing, from a profit perspective?
  • Do you want someone to help you to understand better your accounts during the year, to let you make any necessary changes in your business?
  • Are you including all income and costs to allow you to maximise your tax and VAT allowances?
If any of the above are giving you cause for concern, please contact me for an initial discussion.  This costs nothing, but may be the start of you reclaiming time to run your business more successfully.
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