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About Me.

With a background of nearly 30 years in the finance industry and 6 years' experience running my own business as a consultant to importers and exporters on finance and foreign exchange, I have an in depth understanding of the financial issues and requirements needed to run a business successfully.

Until their demise, I spent over 5 years running start up workshops for Business Link East on various finance and legislation issues and, from these, it has become clear that there is a real need for help to set up initial simple, but effective books for new businesses, as well as helping existing businesses with their books and bookkeeping needs.

About RAS Bookkeeping Services.

The aim is to help both existing and new businesses either to set up a simple, but effective bookkeeping system for you to use; to set up and maintain the books on your behalf until such time as you feel confident to take them over, or to use your existing bookkeeping package. I am aiming mainly at Essex based businesses, plus parts of E Hertfordshire and the NE quadrant of London. Fees are reasonable and very competitive; basically there are 2 levels depending on your distance from Romford, where I am based. The aim is to save you money by employing me, giving you time to run your business, finding new customers, etc.

You decide how you want to operate; your business documents, receipts and paperwork can be collected or delivered. You determine frequency of delivery/collection, and I'll do the rest, updating your records and returning everything to you as agreed. You can opt to receive an electronic update of your records at no extra cost, and I can identify areas where you may need to pay some attention. I will also discuss any aspects where you need more information or assistance.


18 Harold Court Road

Romford, Essex RM3 0YU

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